These are some things I've done over the years. Still trying to figure out if they were contributions to society. Keep in mind I've done more than's listed here - some projects I've done over the years are still a bit of a secret.


dateMarch 2023
tagspython, machine learning

Me and Luna trained GPT-J with messages from my Discord server. I learned a lot about how PyTorch functions, and more effeciently finetuning language models.

This expanded into the NotNet Machine Learning Laboratory, a server with an RTX 3060 in it specifically designed for making fun stuff.

There's a blogpost about this here.


dateMarch 2023
tagsc#, ffxiv, dalamud

Linkpearl uses the Dalamud plugin API in FINAL FANTASY XIV to have Mumble positional audio in game. You can see the source code here.

GeezShade & DeezShade

dateFebruary 2023
tagsrust, c#, ffxiv

GeezShade and DeezShade were tools to download files for the ReShade fork known as GShade. This ended up spiralling into a petty fight that ended up with GShade implementing malware into its installer to spite me.

GeezShade worked by fetching the URLs from the GitHub CDN, and DeezShade worked by using C# reflection to call the installer code. You can read the source code of GeezShade and DeezShade here. There are also two blog posts here and here.

I also made about $200 in donations from my development of these two tools.


dateFebruary 2023
tagsrust, sysadmin

hugehugemassive is a Rust library to spin up and down servers using the Hetzner Cloud API. It was inspired by previous adventures with a friendgroup with a similar script known as "bigbiglarge", written in Python.

The source code is available here, with an example CLI app here.

NotNite 98

dateFebruary 2023
tagsweb, svelte, javascript

Using 98.css, I remade my website in Svelte with draggable Windows 98-like windows. You can see it here.


dateJanuary 2023
tagsjavascript, node.js, python, ffxiv, discord

The Big Cheese is a Discord bot for FINAL FANTASY XIV reverse engineers. It is connected to a Ghidra instance and has commands for decompiling functions without needing to open a decompiler.

The bot is written in Node.js and shells out to Ghidra to run headless scripts.

You can view the source code here.


dateJanuary 2023
tagsweb, javascript, node.js

Plogon.com is an interactive website meant for while FINAL FANTASY XIV is under maintenance. It features lo-fi music with animated backgrounsd, but the main gimmick is a synchronized "horse button" that displays emojis on every client's screen.

It was written in vanilla HTML with a Node.js backend. At its peak, it sustained over 1000 WebSocket connections at once on a home server.

You can view the website here and the source code here.


dateDecember 2022
tagsrust, lua

rockstar is a lua script evaluator written in Rust meant to provide helpful APIs for script automation, similar to Hammerspoon for macOS. It suffers some design flaws, though, because Lua doesn't have an event loop.

You can view the source code here.


dateDecember 2022
tagsrust, ffxiv

ftpfantasy is an FTP server written in Rust that provides access to the FINAL FANTASY XIV client filesystem.

It uses the libunftp, vfs, and ironworks crates, along with ResLogger2, in order to build the filesystem.

You can view the source code here.


dateNovember 2022
tagsweb, javascript, react, svelte, ffxiv

I worked together with Anna to build Heliosphere, a modding site for FINAL FANTASY XIV.

I originally was working on the frontend, but I burned out and we rewrote it from React into Svelte. My contributions are very small in the current codebase, so my primary position is helping users in our Discord server and ensuring our stuff doesn't break.

You can view Heliosphere here.


dateOctober 2022
tagsrust, minecraft

loremipsum is a distributed system for finding and monitoring Minecraft servers. It takes in a list of IP addresses and periodically scans them.

This was a fun project to work on, but ultimately bottlenecked in the fact I don't know what I'm doing. You can view the source code here.


dateAugust 2022
tagsweb, javascript, react, ffxiv

I built Loggy, a log viewer for people providing support in the XIVLauncher & Dalamud Discord server. It parses zip files clientside and displays troubleshooting info extracted from log lines.

You can view the source code here.


dateAugust 2022
tagsc#, ffxiv, dalamud

After the release of Island Sanctuary in FINAL FANTASY XIV, I built a Dalamud plugin to improve the user experience.

It contains multiple features like showing where to gather items, a todo list, showing the required items to craft materials, all without having to open more UI windows. Being within ImGui, you can drag it off screen if you have multiple monitors.

You can view the source code here.


dateAugust 2022
tagsjava, minecraft

Packy is a Minecraft mod that I submitted for ModFest: Singularity. It lets you store items in your ender chest through a backpack.

You can view the source code here, and download it from Modrinth here.


dateJuly 2022
tagsrust, windows

tistow is a PowerToys Run/macos Spotlight/Alfred/Wox/ueli clone written in Rust, because I was unhappy with the options I had on Windows.

The code is... not the best, but it was my first major Rust project. It uses egui for the UI.

You can view the source code here.


dateJuly 2022
tagsc#, ffxiv

PaintDotTex is a Paint.NET plugin for viewing FINAL FANTASY XIV textures.

You can view the source code here.


dateJune 2022
tagsc#, docker, ffxiv, dalamud

I helped build Plogon, the CI/CD system for Dalamud plugins. Mainly, I helped figure out GitHub Actions.

It powers all main repository plugins for Dalamud, providing plugins to a userbase of over 80,000 people (count sourced from Discord server as of March 2023).

You can view the source code here.


dateDecember 2021
tagsjava, minecraft

Parachute is a quality of life Minecraft mod full of small client tweaks. After starting development in 2021, we rewrote and open sourced it in December, and worked on it throughout 2022.

You can view the source code here, and download it from Modrinth here.